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Welcome to my website!
Glad you could come and visit!
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Info about me is here, along with any nerds currently living with me.

Check out my completed experiments in web design, flash, and graphics!

Hour of Flash
A Macromedia Flash competition which funnily enough, takes an hour. I 'invented' it.

If I like it, and you need to know about it, its here.

hope this website is as non-frames friendly to the extent it can be!


Woohoo! Scored me a job at Cybernomad Internet Cafe here in Wellington! I've already done a replacement site for them. I'll have up online soon!
Began design of Nerdflat 2001 - Look out for it soon
Last Day of my multimedia course... :( So I won't be able to update the site too often... But I will, don't worry.
Due to popular demand (yeah, ok, my classmates don't really count), I've made up some link buttons for you to link to my website if you feel the urge...
Added new reviews to the library. Enjoy!

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